Trever Love

Primal Ape CrossFit Head Coach

If you’re going to brave the extreme conditions in one of the coldest, most remote places on the planet, you’ve got to have an extraordinary fitness partner to help improve your endurance. Among The Squad members to support FWD PH runner Louie Sangalang in preparing for the FWD North Pole Marathon is Primal Ape CrossFit’s head coach Trever Love. 

CrossFit is all about functional fitness and uses “high intensity, form-focused workouts to improve speed, power, and agility.” Primal Ape CrossFit is one of the biggest and best equipped CrossFit affiliates in the Philippines. Coach Trever, a Level 2 CrossFit trainer, has been leading the gym for over six years. 

Under Coach Trever’s lead, Primal Ape has cultivated a community of fitness lovers made up of athletes and non-athletes. In his training sessions, expect a lot of movement, endurance, strength conditioning, and weightlifting workouts designed to get his students moving and reach a level of athleticism they’ve been aiming for all their life.

An avid runner himself, he believes that long distance running helped boost his endurance. He loves doing stunts, too. Before becoming a coach, he used to be a stunt actor, choreographer, and director in various feature films. And it was through stunts that he found his niche in CrossFit.

Before CrossFit, Coach Trever never imagined he’d be training and coaching people professionally. Initially, he thought of getting a CrossFit certification to beef up his stunt workshops. It wasn’t until he started leading stunt practices that he discovered his knack for coaching. After his next-level fitness certifications, he eventually left the stunt world to focus working full-time in the fitness industry.

For him, CrossFit is his foundation to live life with the confidence of health and safety away from injury and sedentariness. 

In line with FWD’s principles in empowering people to live a life full of enriching experiences without worries, we trust Primal Ape in training our marathoner with the ultimate goal of making him the best athlete he can be.

Primal Ape CrossFit is located at 2135 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.