The FWD PH Runner

Who is Louie Sangalang?

Louie Sangalang has been an athlete since he was a kid. Football, track and field, swimming, basketball, Arnis, dragon boat rowing, name it, he’s tried it! On top of that, he was also interested in the sciences, winning local and regional science fairs. In the tradition of the stereotypical high school cliques, he is both the nerd and jock. In college, however, he pursued his passion for sports while taking up a Physics course, which he eventually changed to Humanities, Minor in Psychology.

“Though my parents had supported my interest in sports growing up, they were very vocal about the financial limitations of being a professional athlete. And so I obeyed them. After all, I’ve always believed that what people choose to pursue as a career shouldn’t define who they are in life,” Louie says.

In 2000, his last year in college, Louie was diagnosed with acute adenocarcinoma of the appendix or appendiceal cancer. But instead of letting the Big C bring him down, he battled it head on the best way he knew how—through sports. Mixed martial arts (MMA), to be exact.

To recover from cancer, he had to literally fight back—training every day, lifting weights, wrestling, boxing, doing jiu-jitsu, swimming and running.  When the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) mounted its second mainstream event in Manila, Louie decided to fight professionally. From then on, he made it his personal advocacy to raise awareness on health and fitness.


Surviving Cancer

How a critical illness fueled his self-transformation

40 and Enjoying It

The end is only the beginning of another set of adventure

The Fitness Advocate

For Louie, there is no excuse for unhealthy, inactive lifestyle!

The Ultimate Runner’s Bucket List Moment

The FWD North Pole Marathon

The Trailblazing Journey Continues

FWD markets each sends runners to the 2018 FWD North Pole Marathon

Primal Ape's Coach Trever Love

Coach Trever Love is among the experts to give Louie Sangalang the edge to win

15K Run with Louie Sangalang

Louie shares his thoughts after a training run. "As Coach Miguel Lopez always reminds us: 'Recovery is equally important as exercise.'"

26K Cordillera Mountain Run

Our FWD North Pole Marathon PH rep Louie Sangalang finishes 26K Cordillera Mountain Run. As he says, "Tough course, great gear!"

Welcome to the Training Facility Blast Freezer!

FWD North Pole Marathon PH runner Louie Sangalang trains, for the first time, in the Freezer Training Facility.

FWD North Pole Marathon Runner Meets Freezer

Louie Sangalang goes to FWD North Pole Training Facility and experiences subzero temp of up to -15°C.

FWD North Pole Marathon Freezer Training

FWD North Pole Marathon PH rep Louie Sangalang shares his experience in Day 4 of his freezer training.

30K Training in the Freezer Facility

FWD North Pole Marathon PH rep Louie Sangalang completes 30K run inside the freezer facility.

It’s Not Just the Physical

Training the mind and heart with Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

Can You Tie Your Shoelaces in -35° Cold?

Learning valuable skills and subskills in surviving in the cold from Romi Garduce

The Winning Strategies

Coach Ige Lopez shares the strategies he has for FWD North Pole Marathon PH representative Louie Sangalang.

Louie Sangalang Training Plan According to Coach Ige Lopez

Coach Ige Lopez talks about his training plan for FWD North Pole Marathon PH rep Louie Sangalang.

Coach Trever Love's Training Plan

Primal Ape Gym's Coach Trever Love devises strength, conditioning, and high intensity programs for Louie Sangalang.

Freezer Training

Simulating the extreme Arctic cold in the FWD North Pole Marathon Training Facility’s Blast Freezer

Hot & Cold

How Louie Sangalang and his coach plan to keep his cool and stay warm in the North Pole

Go #FWDTeamAsia!

Elite runners from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines make up #FWDTeamAsia

Training and Acclimatization

Louie Sangalang shares how he adapted and managed to train in freezing sub-zero temps inside the FWD North Pole Marathon Training Facility.

Coach Ani De Leon-Brown on FWD PH runner

Coach Ani De Leon-Brown shares thoughts on how Louie Sangalang is preparing for the "World's Coolest Marathon."

How Benjamin Pangilinan got inspired by Louie Sangalang

Benjamin Pangilinan shares how he got inspired by the story of our PH rep.

Louie's 5K run in Tromso, Norway

FWD North Pole Marathon PH rep Louie Sangalang shares his thoughts on his 5K in Tromso, Norway

Louie Sangalang finishes 42K Run

Louie Sangalang finishes 42K run in preparation for the FWD North Pole Marathon.

Louie Sangalang on sports and other interests

Louie talks about what got him into sports, what other things he excels at, and the sport that he has always wanted to try.

Louie Sangalang on surviving cancer

Louie talks about cancer, how he survived it, and how he learned to live life to the fullest.

Louie Sangalang on FWD North Pole Marathon

Louie shares his thoughts on the race and his motivations in joining.

What the #FWDTeamAsia will be facing at the FWD North Pole Marathon

It’s no ordinary marathon!

Louie Sangalang on the importance of FWD Freezer Training Facility

Louie Sangalang shares his thoughts on training inside the blast freezer.

Louie Sangalang and Coach Ige Lopez talk about their training for the FWD North Pole Marathon

FWD North Pole Marathon - Sprint to the Arctic Send-Off event

Go Louie! Go Team Pilipinas!

Louie Sangalang finishes 10K training run in Svalbard

Louie finds it challenging to run on slippery terrain and uphills.

Louie Sangalang finishes 15K training run in Svalbard, Norway

Louie Sangalang at Longyearbyen

Louie vlogs his training run in Longyearbyen. He shows the scenic view in Norway.

Louie Sangalang and the FWD Team Asia

Louie introduces the members of this year's FWD Team Asia.

Louie Sangalang trains in Tromso and Svalbard

Louie goes to Norway for final preparations for the FWD North Pole Marathon 2018.

Louie Sangalang's Journey, from the Philippines to the Top of the World

Louie Sangalang conquers the FWD North Pole Marathon 2018.

FWD Team Asia Blazes a Trail in the Arctic

FWD Team Asia conquers FWD North Pole Marathon 2018

FWD North Pole Marathon Race 2018 Video Highlights

Witness what happened in this year's world's coolest marathon.

FWD Runners at North Pole: Photo Story

Here are the trailblazing moments captured during the FWD North Pole Marathon 2018.

FWD Team Asia Celebrates at the Finish Line: Photo Story

Congratulations, FWD Team Asia!

Homecoming Party Highlights

FWD North Pole Marathon finisher Louie Sangalang was given a homecoming party by Pan-Asian insurer FWD Life Insurance.