Romi Garduce

The Champion

“The weather conditions in the North Pole is not much different from the weather conditions I encountered when I scaled summits all over the world and that experience, I believe, will greatly help Louie as he prepares for the race. The first time I heard about the race, I already have tips on my mind, little tidbits of information can become essential during the race. I am really looking forward to helping a fellow countryman fulfill his bucket list and achieve something that seems so impossible and difficult. He has my full support! Let’s support our Filipino representative! Go Pinoy!”

Romi is a Filipino mountain climber, a scuba dive master (since 2000), an environmentalist, writer, motivational speaker and host. He is the first and only Filipino to climb all Seven Summits. He is the first Pinoy to ascend Cho Oyu, a death zone peak at 8,000 metres (26,000 ft), then the highest mountain peak scaled by a Filipino and the first Pinoy to climb the highest mountain in the Western and Southern hemisphere. He also set the record for being the first and only Pinoy to climb the Philippines’ top 5 peaks, one day each.