Romi Garduce

The Tactician

To say that Romi Garduce is enamored of the euphoric—albeit fleeting moment for alpine climbs— feeling of “simply” taking in the view on top of (very, very, VERY) high mountains could be an understatement.

His monumental Mt. Everest climb earned him a venerable spot in Philippine sporting history. But he did not stop there.  He’s the first and only Filipino to scale the Philippines’ Top 5 Peaks, one day each. And the first Filipino to reach the top of what mountaineers consider the ultimate achievement—Scaling the “Seven Summits,” all the highest mountains in all seven continents.

But more than having the strength and resolve to bring pride to his country, climb all his mountains and conquer all his other goals (as a marine conservationist, motivational speaker, and book author), it’s his survival skills, tactical smarts, and true grit that have made Garduce one of the most respected and influential names in sports and high altitude mountaineering.