Psyching Herself Up to Win!

Fearless Filipina Joyette Jopson is sets herself up to conquer the North Pole and come home an everyday hero

FWD PH runner Joyette Jopson is psyching herself up to conquer the North Pole by, first, visualizing herself running somewhere she can never, ever imagine. “I know it’s going to be unlike any other race or any other terrain I’ve done. I’ve been to Kona, Boston, even Roth, but the North Pole? How many people do you know have done it?” she muses. “It’s really going to be different. And I’m very excited about it. It challenges me. It excites me that I’m going to be there, it’s not going to be familiar but I’m going to really try my best to really prepare, listen to tips from all the experts that I can get a hold of, and really just enjoy the experience.”

Part of envisioning the cold, of course, is looking at all the gear that she needs to prepare in order to compete (and survive!) in extreme cold conditions. 

“My worries and fears coming into this race is definitely the elements. Running is going to be familiar for me, the actual motion of running, that’s familiar. But it’s really the terrain, the cold,” she says. “I’m very fortunate that North Face will be giving us really good gear. I’m very confident that I’m going to have the best possible gear coming into the race. Best possible advice, best possible sponsors, best possible support, and I’m very blessed.”

So is our very own Pocket Rocket, Little Age Grouper, Elite Champion Athlete gunning for the first place in the race of her lifetime?

“I want to be first place. But because I have not been there, it’s very hard to assume or even to say, because I’ve never gone to that part of the world. What I’m sure of is I’m going to do my best and really try to make my countrymen proud. Make my FWD family proud.”