Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

The Nurturer

"I’ve been checking out FWD for some time now. I love the spirit of the brand, the positivity, the celebration of living. So when I was approached for this project, I immediately grabbed the opportunity because the story just fits me. I’ve been doing marathons for years now. The whole family does it. In fact, we will be running the Jerusalem marathon this year so I know what Louie is going through in his preparations. I know that I will be able to contribute, maybe not as much in the actual training but by way of emotional support. People think that preps are just physical but really, it’s also emotional and mental. There should be full commitment. Your heart should be in it. And I will be there for that emotional and mental preparation."

Maricel is a award-winning actress, parenting expert, writer, and marathoner. She has five kids including MYX Vj Donny and YouTube sensation Hannah. Her whole family is a permanent fixture in triathlon and marathon events. This year, Maricel, her husband Anthony Pangilinan, and her daughter Hannah will be joining the Jerusalem Marathon.