Margielyn Didal

The Groundbreaker

From street skating through Cebu to being one of TIME’s Most Influential Teens of 2018, Margielyn Didal is blazing a hot trail in skateboarding circuits here and abroad. But it was her golden achievement in the 2018 Asian Games that has really propelled her career, as well as her (and her family’s) life, into the sporting stratosphere. And she’s only getting started.

Didal’s “(Six) Million Peso Former Street Kid Conquers the World” story, however, is barely scratching the surface of just how much she’s inspiring a new generation of young Filipinos to just go for their dreams. All while actively advocating much-needed support and awareness for a sport that’s virtually unheard of in the Philippines. (The mayor of Cebu has pledged to build a skate park so street skaters like her can have a proper place to train in.) 

As she prepares to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and compete in a slew of other international pro skating tilts, you’re sure to see more of this “small town girl turned hometown hero” biting medals and holding up trophies on your newsfeeds and in the evening news for years to come.