It’s Not Just the Physical

Training the mind and heart with Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

There are many things that runners have to think of and consider if and when they participate in an international marathon. It’s not a joke, the preparations are intense, and it costs a lot. But as actress, mom, and seasoned runner Maricel Laxa-Pangalinan enthuses, it’s all worth it. 

As the Nurturer in Louie Sangalang’s Squad, it’s Maricel’s duty to not only give the PH representative to the FWD North Pole Marathon tips on running and training, but also to help improve and strengthen his mental, emotional, and psychological focus. 

“Preparing for an international race like the FWD North Pole Marathon starts with the head. The minute you get registered, you know it’s for real,” she says. From there, you must embrace the challenge and everything that goes with it. You must be able to commit run at least three times a week. And then cross train in between runs for at least four-six months.”

According to Maricel, training for marathons may also entail saying no to a lot of things, and probably a lot of people. “It requires dedication, it requires commitment, and it requires a focused discipline that you have to really embrace for the whole duration of your training."  

The best mental trick Maricel can give Louie: “Weeks before the marathon, which is now. Start visualizing how good you will look in the pictures at the finish line! That always works.”