Getting Used to the Cold, Mentally!

Running a 42K distance in sub-zero weather requires mind conditioning, too

FWD PH runner Joyette Jopson believes that the body can achieve what the mind conceives. As she physically trains to be the first Filipina to conquer the FWD North Pole Marathon, she’s conditioning herself mentally, too.

“I’m preparing for the marathon mentally through really conditioning my mind that it will be very, very cold. So I’ve been watching a lot of videos, really visualizing what it’s going to be like,” she says.

Joyette, however, knows that no matter how much she tries to prepare her mind for it, it’s really different going into the race. Like literally standing on floating ice on top of the world at -40 to, (yikes!) -50 degrees. 

“So I’m also going to acclimatize early on,” she adds. “I’ll be training in Oslo, Norway two weeks before the actual race to really get used to the cold. Really running in the cold and running on ice!”