Flying to the Top of the World

Before you race, you need an Antonov jet to take you to a base camp on floating ice!

To get to the North Pole, you need to arrange round-trip flights from your country to a town called Longyearbyen (situated on Spitsbergen island, part of the Svalbard archipelago), off the coast of Norway. There are daily flights from Oslo to Spitsbergen. From there, you will be flown to the Barneo Ice Camp, situated between 89°N and 90°N, drifting in the high Arctic Ocean via a chartered Antonov (AN-74TK-100) jet, a converted cargo plane built to withstand hostile weather conditions and land on shorter landing strips.

The Barneo Ice Camp is home to explorers and scientists as well as the FWD North Pole marathoners. Because it is built on floating ice, it is reconstructed every year and holds only the essential. Deliveries are done via air drop.

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