Benjamin Pangilinan

The Survivor

“When my mom told me about the project, I immediately wanted to be part of it because I can really identify with Louie. We both had to go through difficult circumstances but with sheer will and strength, we were able to get past the disability and triumphed. I had an open-heart surgery when I was younger but that did not stop me from taking on challenges, running marathons, going from one adventure to another, living life to the fullest. I’m so happy to see someone about to fulfill one of his bucket list! It’s an inspiration, not just to me but to everyone.”

Benjamin is the fourth child of celebrity Maricel Laxa Pangilinan and motivational speaker Anthony Pangilinan. Despite having gone through open heart surgery when he was four years old, he went on to become an achiever in his own right, especially in sports. The book “Super Benj” was written about his struggles and how he was able to overcome his disability.