A Once in a Lifetime Race of Extraordinary Proportions

The FWD North Pole Marathon

North Pole sits quite literally on top of the world, at exactly 90˚N latitude, right smack in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Its lands are shifting masses of sea ice, about 2 to 3 meters (6-12 feet) thick and more than 4,000 meters (around 13,000 feet) above sea level. It is one of the coldest places on earth, with temperatures reaching as low as -50°C during winter. 

FWD North Pole Marathon is the only certified marathon where runners take on the classic 42K (26 miles) race distance entirely on floating Arctic sea ice, in extreme sub-zero weather conditions. Recognized as the “Northernmost Marathon on Earth” and dubbed as the “World's Coolest Marathon,” the race is open to individuals, males and females, as well as to teams and even those who wish to only run a half-marathon.

It features a looped circuit situated among hillocks of ice, which runners have to go around in 10 times. What runners don’t know, however, is that the course moves as it sits on floating ice! Difficult, huh? But a great reward awaits the runner at the end of the race besides the bragging rights. They will get to stand on the exact Geographic North Pole (90˚N). How cool is that!?

The first ever Filipino to finish the race is Victor Consunji, who ran in 2016, followed by cancer survivor and MMA athlete Louie Sangalang, who represented FWD Philippines in the marathon last year. On April 9, multi-sport athlete and FWD financial wealth officer Joyette Jopson, will take on this extraordinary challenge and become the first Filipina to conquer the FWD North Pole Marathon.